Terribly Tiresome Toothache

September 25, 2009

shit happens


Has anyone out there ever had a tooth ache?  I had not until Sunday night.  Out of the blue my upper left molar began to hurt and would not stopped.  Never before have I experienced such distracting pain.  I couldn’t sleep, my appetite was diminished, in general my motivation to do anything disappeared.

Luckily for me, a clinic an hour away gave me an emergency appointment yesterday.  Never have I been been more excited to see the dentist.  Dentistry has come a long way since I last went to one.  Now after an x-ray is taken it immediately show ups on the computer screen.  You can even ask the computer to give you a diagnosis.  WOW!  

The doctor spread numbing gel over my gum before she jabbed me with the needle.  Isn’t that great?  That never happened when I was a kid.  I couldn’t even feel the needle go into my gum.  In less than an hour I had received a filling and was out of there.  The best part is the appointment was only $40.  WOW again.    After one more sleepless night, I feel back to myself.  I have a new compassion for people with insomnia and chronic pain.

For the past 10 years I have been avoiding the dentist because it doesn’t exactly fit into my “paying student loans” lifestyle.  I am so happy to realize that I can afford to have my teeth taken care of!  It is a huge relief because I really enjoy chewing my food.

So, for all of the people out there who feel like they can’t afford the dentist, find a local clinic with a sliding scale and go for it!



April 22, 2009



Some days don’t you feel like the little creature above?  

Today is a gorgeous day here in New Mexico!  The trees are about to unfurl their leaves and some brave flowers are close to showing their faces.

This past weekend my boyfriend and I drove 17 out of 28 hours some of it on a high mountain pass during a blizzard, then some more on a 3 lane highway turned one lane during a blizzard.  A person I know commented that my boyfriend and I must have a good relationship to be in the car for that many hours together.  Actually it never occurred to me that I would want to spend my life with a person who I couldn’t spend that much time with.  Why struggle when life can be smooth and blissful?

The positive outcome of our trip is his daughter Elke is here for 3 weeks.  We always have so much fun together!  She is a very happy little person who loves to giggle and play.  When she is here I am always reminded that life is better when you play play play!

This past week we went to see Tinariwen in concert.  I describe their music as Bedouin Rock.  The concert was wonderful! They are so great to see in person!  It is a blend of beats and instruments I have never heard before.  Music speaks and bridges language barriers.


For the past 10 years or so I have dreamed of being a bee keeper.  Now I might have to opportunity.  There is the possibility of a hive being installed on the land mid May!  How exciting!!!!  I am thrilled!


For years before moving to New Mexico my bike was my primary form of transportation.  Even after moving to Taos, when I lived in town, I would bike everywhere.  Taos is not a bike friendly place.  I felt more safe biking through the streets of San Francisco then I did biking on the deserted roads of Taos.  People have an animosity towards bikers here, they don’t like to share the road.  It feels like they view bikers as moving targets.  I biked everywhere anyway.  The worst that happened was someone threw a full beer bottle at me.  Luckily they missed.  My favorite was biking home under the full moon.  The land was illuminated in gorgeous blue light.  Sometimes the moon is so bright you can even see colors.

When I first started biking in Taos I got so many flat tires!  Suddenly I had a build up holey of  inner-tubes   They are such a cool, sturdy material I didn’t want to throw them away, so I started thinking about what I could do with them.  That is how I began making bike inner-tube wallets and bags.  Some of the wallets are 99% recycled because I use fabric from used clothes on the inside.  Only the thread is new.



blue brocade



Medium 2 pocket wallets









Medium 3 pocket wallet




Small 2 pocket wallet





Business card holders



checkbook cover

checkbook cover








money bag

gold moneybag







japanese floral moneybag




How I love beauty!

April 4, 2009



Beauty makes life wonderful!  When I was in art school it was very hip to exclaim that beauty is boring and painting is dead. What a waste of words and thought.  New born babies are beautiful! Flowers, trees, the sky, all around us in nature we are surrounded by beauty.  I have not become bored of watching the sunset yet.   

Witnessing beauty creates inner harmony.  Do you feel more peaceful when you are observing ugliness like a violent movie or disturbing images or when you are noticing kindness or prettiness?

To me the role of beauty is underrated in todays world.  If each person had something beautiful to visualize or look at wouldn’t more peace prevail? I think it is my personal mission to created more beauty and peace and share it with the world around me.  Hopefully that will occur through my creative expression.  I would love to contribute something positive to the planet .



Today is a blustery, partly sunny day here in Gallina Canyon.  It is a perfect day to get home chores done.  Luckily I just had a HUGE cup of yerba mate’, my favorite caffeinated beverage, and I feel like I am able to accomplish ANYTHING!!!  (“Here I come to Save the Day…”)

I love the taste of coffee, but it doesn’t love me.  I always crash hard, miserable and depressed.  That just doesn’t seem worth it.  Luckily I can occasionally drink decaf without those effects.

My focus today is making my life easier, more streamlined, and visually pleasing.  Some of my ideas are:

-Plaster the main room

-Clean and organize the bathroom

-Get the garden beds ready for flowers

-Get rid of an excess, space occupying stuff that has no purpose

-Clean away and organize any clutter worth saving

So far I am leaning towards cleaning the bathroom and clearing away clutter. Organizing my art studio also seems like a good idea, but that might be an all day affair.

Today, all I want to do are things that make me happy.  Making my home more like a sanctuary always makes pleases me.  So does going for a hike with the dogs and cat, gardening, preparing a delicious dinner, taking a hot tub, making art of any kind, lighting sage, doing yoga, and spending time with my wonderful boyfriend.  Of course there are millions of others, but those sound good to me right now. 

Actually, Feldenkreis is also an amazing technique that makes me feel profoundly content after barely doing anything at all.  I love it and recommend it to anyone and everyone.  It is an accessible miracle for the body and mind and spirit.


More Drawing

March 23, 2009


Another Drawing

March 22, 2009