How I love beauty!

April 4, 2009



Beauty makes life wonderful!  When I was in art school it was very hip to exclaim that beauty is boring and painting is dead. What a waste of words and thought.  New born babies are beautiful! Flowers, trees, the sky, all around us in nature we are surrounded by beauty.  I have not become bored of watching the sunset yet.   

Witnessing beauty creates inner harmony.  Do you feel more peaceful when you are observing ugliness like a violent movie or disturbing images or when you are noticing kindness or prettiness?

To me the role of beauty is underrated in todays world.  If each person had something beautiful to visualize or look at wouldn’t more peace prevail? I think it is my personal mission to created more beauty and peace and share it with the world around me.  Hopefully that will occur through my creative expression.  I would love to contribute something positive to the planet .