I am always feeling thankful for the kind and generous people in my life, but I am not the type of person who goes out and buys thank you cards.  Instead I make all of the cards that I give to people, consequently sometimes people don’t receive their card for a while.   Here is the latest design I am having printed.



April 22, 2009



Some days don’t you feel like the little creature above?  

Today is a gorgeous day here in New Mexico!  The trees are about to unfurl their leaves and some brave flowers are close to showing their faces.

This past weekend my boyfriend and I drove 17 out of 28 hours some of it on a high mountain pass during a blizzard, then some more on a 3 lane highway turned one lane during a blizzard.  A person I know commented that my boyfriend and I must have a good relationship to be in the car for that many hours together.  Actually it never occurred to me that I would want to spend my life with a person who I couldn’t spend that much time with.  Why struggle when life can be smooth and blissful?

The positive outcome of our trip is his daughter Elke is here for 3 weeks.  We always have so much fun together!  She is a very happy little person who loves to giggle and play.  When she is here I am always reminded that life is better when you play play play!

This past week we went to see Tinariwen in concert.  I describe their music as Bedouin Rock.  The concert was wonderful! They are so great to see in person!  It is a blend of beats and instruments I have never heard before.  Music speaks and bridges language barriers.


For the past 10 years or so I have dreamed of being a bee keeper.  Now I might have to opportunity.  There is the possibility of a hive being installed on the land mid May!  How exciting!!!!  I am thrilled!



Today is a blustery, partly sunny day here in Gallina Canyon.  It is a perfect day to get home chores done.  Luckily I just had a HUGE cup of yerba mate’, my favorite caffeinated beverage, and I feel like I am able to accomplish ANYTHING!!!  (“Here I come to Save the Day…”)

I love the taste of coffee, but it doesn’t love me.  I always crash hard, miserable and depressed.  That just doesn’t seem worth it.  Luckily I can occasionally drink decaf without those effects.

My focus today is making my life easier, more streamlined, and visually pleasing.  Some of my ideas are:

-Plaster the main room

-Clean and organize the bathroom

-Get the garden beds ready for flowers

-Get rid of an excess, space occupying stuff that has no purpose

-Clean away and organize any clutter worth saving

So far I am leaning towards cleaning the bathroom and clearing away clutter. Organizing my art studio also seems like a good idea, but that might be an all day affair.

Today, all I want to do are things that make me happy.  Making my home more like a sanctuary always makes pleases me.  So does going for a hike with the dogs and cat, gardening, preparing a delicious dinner, taking a hot tub, making art of any kind, lighting sage, doing yoga, and spending time with my wonderful boyfriend.  Of course there are millions of others, but those sound good to me right now. 

Actually, Feldenkreis is also an amazing technique that makes me feel profoundly content after barely doing anything at all.  I love it and recommend it to anyone and everyone.  It is an accessible miracle for the body and mind and spirit.


Another Drawing

March 22, 2009


Charismatic Vampires

March 15, 2009






Recently I read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.  Is anyone else as obsessed with it as I am?  The story is somehow so sweet and innocent.  It is romantic and intimate and also funny.  Never have a I read about such charismatic vampires.

I love the idea of having a passionate love relationship for life.  That type of intimacy is alive and well in this series.  Most of the vampires and other mythical characters have life mates or else believe it is possible.  It is an uplifting thought in this age of divorce and blame.  Rather then flitting from partner to partner they seem intrigued and delighted with who they are with and look forward to deepening their understanding of one another.

On a different subject.  My chickens seem to be eating their own eggs.  They are cannibals!  A local chicken expert told me I have to get rid of the egg eaters immediately.  Either eat them or find them a new home.  Most likely 5 of them would have to go.  

I was trying to wrap my head around killing and eating them.  I am not a vegetarian so it seems normal that I should kill my own food.  Still, how does one kill a chicken exactly?  I would not want the chicken to be frightened, but almost anything scares them.  I have learned how to move very slowly while in the coop.  

To make it easier I reminded myself that I buy them expensive, organic food and then also have to buy pricey, natural eggs.  Luckily my boyfriend wasn’t so attached to the “it has to be one or the other” problem solving and came up with building them some new nesting boxes.  They are situated higher off the ground so the chickens can’t lean in and peck their eggs.  Also, they are more confined so they don’t have room to peck if they are in the box.  Now we are getting 5-8 eggs a day!  Yippeee!  Fresh eggs are the best!

This evening I took a walk up the mountain, through the woods with my dogs Osa and Truper.  My little white cat, Blanca, accompanied us.  She looks particularly small in the forest.  Most of the snow is melted even though it snowed all last night and yesterday.  

While crossing a snowy patch I inhaled the strong, wild scent of a wet animal.  I looked around because the odor was so strong it smelled like the animal could be close.  Seeing only trees I continued on my way.  After a short way the reek was still with me and it seemed to be getting stronger.  Then Osa ran up to me, her black fur covered in green slime.  The stench so strong I am wondering if she rolled in a liquefied animal covered in diarrhea.  She looked very pleased with herself.  

Luckily it is snowing again.  Maybe her coat will get a little cleaner.  Even so, I will only pet the top of her head for the next few weeks.



March 4, 2009

This painting is 60″x72″