Human Costume

December 5, 2010

Extraterrestrial  in a western culture earthling costume

For years before moving to New Mexico my bike was my primary form of transportation.  Even after moving to Taos, when I lived in town, I would bike everywhere.  Taos is not a bike friendly place.  I felt more safe biking through the streets of San Francisco then I did biking on the deserted roads of Taos.  People have an animosity towards bikers here, they don’t like to share the road.  It feels like they view bikers as moving targets.  I biked everywhere anyway.  The worst that happened was someone threw a full beer bottle at me.  Luckily they missed.  My favorite was biking home under the full moon.  The land was illuminated in gorgeous blue light.  Sometimes the moon is so bright you can even see colors.

When I first started biking in Taos I got so many flat tires!  Suddenly I had a build up holey of  inner-tubes   They are such a cool, sturdy material I didn’t want to throw them away, so I started thinking about what I could do with them.  That is how I began making bike inner-tube wallets and bags.  Some of the wallets are 99% recycled because I use fabric from used clothes on the inside.  Only the thread is new.



blue brocade



Medium 2 pocket wallets









Medium 3 pocket wallet




Small 2 pocket wallet





Business card holders



checkbook cover

checkbook cover








money bag

gold moneybag







japanese floral moneybag




Thoughts on Play

March 29, 2009


"7x7" micron pen on paper

"7x7" micron pen on paper.

 Currently I am taking a “Balance Your Chakras” class.  It is the source of many of my questions.

 My question today  is what do I do for play? 

This past week I went snowboarding and hiking, sewed a skirt, reconstructed a sweater, made a few drawings, cooked a great dinner, talked with friends, played with the dogs, cuddled with the (shedding) cats, watched the kids movie Mathilda (the book is better, but the movie was good), gave my boyfriend a foot massage,  tried a new restaurant, started some seeds, read out loud , and went to arial fabric class.

My friend gave me a great quote about play.

“The natural gaiety and laughter of the child within us is lost in exact proportion to the loss of our ability to play; and it is fascinating to remember the many contexts in which that word is used.  We use it unconsciously without any thought of its fundamental meaning and therefore the word often loses its connection with natural joy.  Every kind of dramatic performance is called a play, and all actors are players, as are all musician, and all ball game players

Tragedy, comedy and farce and all kinds of music – Bach,  plainsong, jazz or rock and roll – are brought to us by players, among whom there are those who appreciate audiences through their “playing” whether of dark truths or light.

But there are so many who have no perception of the meaning of play and whose striving motives are to acquire fame and money or self-satisfaction by sensational performances. often in productions without meaning – the opposite of play.

… Through the enjoyment of such things we may discover at last that until our whole lives, whether working or at leisure, are infused by the joy and laughter of play for its own sake – never for the sake of gain – we are not truly alive at all.  Work and play would then no longer be opposed to each other but at one in all the different aspects of our lives.”

-Helen M Luke




Today is a blustery, partly sunny day here in Gallina Canyon.  It is a perfect day to get home chores done.  Luckily I just had a HUGE cup of yerba mate’, my favorite caffeinated beverage, and I feel like I am able to accomplish ANYTHING!!!  (“Here I come to Save the Day…”)

I love the taste of coffee, but it doesn’t love me.  I always crash hard, miserable and depressed.  That just doesn’t seem worth it.  Luckily I can occasionally drink decaf without those effects.

My focus today is making my life easier, more streamlined, and visually pleasing.  Some of my ideas are:

-Plaster the main room

-Clean and organize the bathroom

-Get the garden beds ready for flowers

-Get rid of an excess, space occupying stuff that has no purpose

-Clean away and organize any clutter worth saving

So far I am leaning towards cleaning the bathroom and clearing away clutter. Organizing my art studio also seems like a good idea, but that might be an all day affair.

Today, all I want to do are things that make me happy.  Making my home more like a sanctuary always makes pleases me.  So does going for a hike with the dogs and cat, gardening, preparing a delicious dinner, taking a hot tub, making art of any kind, lighting sage, doing yoga, and spending time with my wonderful boyfriend.  Of course there are millions of others, but those sound good to me right now. 

Actually, Feldenkreis is also an amazing technique that makes me feel profoundly content after barely doing anything at all.  I love it and recommend it to anyone and everyone.  It is an accessible miracle for the body and mind and spirit.


I love Andrea

March 21, 2009



On March 18 my best friend, Andrea, had her birthday.  We met in High School, when we were 14.  She and I would ride the Metro downtown and thrift shop.  Those were the days when you could buy something for .25.   Or we would ride bikes down by the river or go for a hike.  We had so much fun!

Andrea  has always had the most incredible style and the ability to laugh at herself or whatever situation she finds herself in.  I have learned so much from her over the years.  She is the type of friend who calls me on my bullshit and is my biggest supporter.

Now she has started her own fashion design company Kucoon Designs.  Way to use her talent!  I am so impressed!  

Lucky for me, my boyfriend’s daughter has her birthday the next day.  Maybe there is something to astrology because little Elke and I have major friendship chemistry.  I am so grateful!

Life is so wonderful with best friends and mother nature.  Today I took a gorgeous hike with my great friend Michelle,  in the Wild Rivers wilderness area to the confluence of the Rio Grande and Red River.  The canyon is stunning.  My dog was in Heaven.  After all, he is a water dog living in the desert.  We saw pack lamas and easter wildflowers.

When I am in wild,  natural settings I like to feel like I am a part of all of that beauty.  I am in it and it is in me.




Osa and Truper

Osa and Truper

This is a photo of Truper, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and Osa, an Akita mix.  Below they are pictured with their best friend, the neighbors’ dog, Lucky


Osa, Truper, and Lucky

Osa, Truper, and Lucky





Blanca by the chicken coop.  She really doesn’t like to be outside on snowy days.

Business card enthusiasm

March 8, 2009

Today I spent the entire day designing my first business cards.  My enthusiasm for this  project is very high.  It is amazing how long it takes with internet when all there is only dial-up.  


businesscard1This is the front


Have you ever heard of Deepak Chopra?  He is an amazingly thought provoking and inspirational speaker.  Sometimes when I paint I listen to him on repeat.  After a while I don’t really hear him, but every now and the something profound reaches me.

a link to his web site



March 4, 2009

This painting is 60″x72″


Do you sometimes wonder how life felt as a child?   I can’t really remember the detail with which I viewed the world.  It seems like I noticed a lot, but maybe I am putting an adult filter on my childhood memories.  Is an individual’s lifelong personality present at age 5?   Do we grow in circles, simply spiraling out from that center point in concentric connected layers.  Is my seven year old still in there about 7 layers out from my core?  Maybe on some plane we all look like trees.

These days I still pick my nose, something I loved to do as a child, but I definitely don’t eat my boogers.  Those days are long gone.  At least 20 layers deep.  I still love getting dressed up, but my outfit doesn’t have to be the prettiest or the frilliest with the most ribbons and bows.  Now they tend to be homemade, original,  and sometimes out of trash.

When I was a child I used to love playing tag in the yard, or just running and running.  Jumping over bushes, climbing up trees, playing by the creek.  Outside is such a magical place.  I still love running through the woods or climbing a peak.  I don’t recall sitting down much as a child.  Who invented sitting down anyway?  Imagine the world if it wasn’t designed for people to sit in chairs.  So many things would be different!  I bet a lot less people would have back trouble.

One of my favorite things to do was go boating with my family.  We would drive from D.C. to a tiny town in Virginia called Colonial Beach.  I loved it there!  My grandmother’s father had built a very simple wooden cottage that we would stay in.  We shared it with my uncle.  His family one week, our family the next.  My grandma could go whenever she wanted.  Across the street from the house was the Potomac River.   Every morning the sun would rise and the water would be full of diamonds. At night cars would cruise by in the summer heat, playing their stereos, waiting for something to happen.

Boating was our favorite activity at the beach.  After breakfast we would all scurry around making sandwiches getting the cooler, towels, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, and everything else ready.  My dad describes the process as herding cats.  Then we would pile in the car and drive to the sail boat.  It is my dad’s boat from before he met my mother and it is named “Soliliquy”. The name escaped my child vocabulary.  After getting everything situated we would cast off, motor out of the bay, and hope for wind.  

At that age, the less wind the better in my opinion.  I would get scared when the boat would heel over so  the side was next to the water.  Of course my father liked that kind of sailing best.  What I loved was swimming off the boat in the middle of the river.  My first true swimming experience  was after my dad threw me off the boat into the river.  After that I loved swimming and never hesitated to jump in unless the water was full of jelly fish.  GROSS! 

Also at the beach we would play gin rummy for hours and then eat blue crabs for dinner followed by ice cream.  It was pure heaven for me.  Everyone would be together and life was uncomplicated and relaxed.  Even as a I child I noticed that simple togetherness is better.  

Simple togetherness is better.  That sounds like something I should keep in mind now.


Fahrney Photos

March 1, 2009

Me at the Taos Cow
Me at the Taos Cow

Creamland Dress made out of half and half containers  Photo by Robin Collier
Creamland Dress made out of half and half containers Photo by Robin Collier

Dress made entirely out of white trash   Photo by Visudah de los Santos


White Trash Wedding dress   Photo by Visudha de los Santos

cimg3677t1White Trash Wedding  Photo by Visudah de los Santos


Wedding outfits made entirely out of white trash      Photo by Heather Sparrow

White trash wedding  photo by Visudah de los Santos
White trash wedding photo by Visudah de los Santos