February 29, 2016



Who You Are…

February 6, 2013

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spaceship eyes

Spaceship Eyes

So far I absolutely love motherhood.  It is an amazingly strenuous job, but also very rewarding.  Even when I have to change 3 diapers in a night and nurse 8 times before sunrise I still feel so much love for my little guy, especially now that he smiles all the time.  His beautiful bright smile melts my heart when I see it.  That comes in very handy at the 3rd diaper change when I can barely open my eyes.

I realize some people might want to puke at this point, but hey, I’ve got to be me.

Babies are very time consuming.  Not only do I have far less time to produce art, but my creative process had to change.  I like to work for hours on one project and stay up until it is done.  Having an infant who wakes up at sunrise and needs me is not conducive to working until the wee hours, although I have done it a few times.  Now I work in spurts when he naps.  Also, I’m learning to make better use of the time I have.

When he gets older it might get easier to make more art.  Hopefully, I am feeling very inspired.  I guess I’ll find out.

Harmonize Soul

December 28, 2012


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What do you See…

December 21, 2012

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Bliss Drawing

December 8, 2012


I want to make this into a postcard.

Tonight is the Lighting of Ledoux tradition here in Taos.  It is usually a wonderful evening of bonfires, hot chocolate, cookies, singing, and friends.  Now that I am not working in the food service industry I actually feel  like socializing and attending the event.  Also, I am having cookie cravings.

ThankYou Card Paper Cut Out

December 1, 2012


This is the card I designed to thank people for all of my baby shower gifts.  It is a paper cut out with a black paper background.  First I made the drawing, then scanned it and printed it backwards.  I cut it out in the reverse and flipped it over to the white side