October 3, 2014



Rock Ring

September 27, 2014


Rock Ring

September 25, 2014


Working Small

May 14, 2013


1.75 x 2.75″

       If your computer screen is a similar size to mine ( not very large), then this image is almost true to size.  In the past I have enjoyed painting very large images.  Now, I am exploring tiny sized paintings.  This stems from an interest in creating art an “average” person could afford to buy.  My large paintings involve many materials and hours to create. Small paintings take me less time because there is less surface area to cover with detail.

 Of course people can always buy a print, however a print simply does not equal the feeling and energy of an original art work.  In my opinion art can completely change the feeling of a house or room.  Art can make a place feel special.

I Love Spring

April 28, 2013




My little guy is such an adventurer!  Recently we hiked a snowy mountain and Joss growled in delight the whole way ( in between naps).  Lucky for me I did not have to carry him, because he now weighs 20lbs and that feels heavy when walking uphill on snow.


March 30, 2013

.Scanned Image 60


More Bike Tube Earrings

February 27, 2013



I just love making bike tube earrings.  The shapes are cut out with scissors and I use a leather hole punch for the polka dots.

Some are available at my ETSY store