I Love Spring

April 28, 2013




My little guy is such an adventurer!  Recently we hiked a snowy mountain and Joss growled in delight the whole way ( in between naps).  Lucky for me I did not have to carry him, because he now weighs 20lbs and that feels heavy when walking uphill on snow.


Taos Mountain

January 17, 2013

Taos M

This is a photo of Taos Mountain.

In Taos, it is said that the mountain either welcomes you are turns you away.

My Drive Home…

January 12, 2013

gallina peak

View of Gallina Peak on my drive home.  I usually hike to the top every year.

 It is very beautiful in fall when the aspens turn golden.  The trail begins right out my door.

Santa Barbara Canyon, NM

January 5, 2013

Each summer my family goes on a camping trip.  This past summer we chose Santa Barbara Canyon, New Mexico.  It rained while we hiked in, rained each afternoon, and hailed while we hiked out.  I guess that is to be expected when camping during monsoon season.

The hiking trail is well maintained. and easy to hike.  It passes through tall coniferous forest, open meadow, aspen forest, and follows the Rio Santa Barbara.  Unfortunately the almost all of the Aspen leaves have a dull green look due to some kind of fungus.

We hiked to a huge beaver dam. Later, a ranger explained that there are no beavers left in the area due to hunting and the dam was from the 1950’s.  Also we saw many grazing cows including a calf. Cows are ver large up close.  My dog enjoyed rolling in the cow poop.  We had to dunk her in the river and only pet her head.

beaver dam

beaver dam 2

santa b

santa b 2

santa b 3

My Latest Creation

September 6, 2012

Poppies are Beautiful

May 29, 2012

Every year I am in love with spring flowers.  This poppy has the most beautiful, delicate paper-like leaves.  It does not bloom for very long, but the seed pod is equally beautiful.

Garden Pet

May 2, 2012

Earlier today I was digging and found a new pet.  Never have I seen a tarantula in the yard before.  Maybe it is up at this altitude (8000 ft) because the winter was so mild.  I am glad they are not aggressive to humans, especially since I accidentally ruined its lair.