More Bike Tube Earrings

February 27, 2013



I just love making bike tube earrings.  The shapes are cut out with scissors and I use a leather hole punch for the polka dots.

Some are available at my ETSY store


Bike Inner Tube Wallet

December 18, 2012

This one of my bike inner tube billfold  wallets.  It sewn from repurposed bike tubes and hand woven fabric from India.  The wallet is for a person who enjoys a minimal wallet.  There are 2 pockets for cards and a long money pocket.  The bike tube gets softer with use.  I make this same style wallet with many different fabrics in the interior.



Repurposed Bike Tube Earrings

November 26, 2012

For the past few years I have been making bike tube earrings.  It all started during a Glam Trash when I made accessories for my bike tube/ chicken feed bag dress.  Mostly I sell them locally, but now I have an Etsy store

Tassle bike tube earrings with a Swarovski crystal.

For years before moving to New Mexico my bike was my primary form of transportation.  Even after moving to Taos, when I lived in town, I would bike everywhere.  Taos is not a bike friendly place.  I felt more safe biking through the streets of San Francisco then I did biking on the deserted roads of Taos.  People have an animosity towards bikers here, they don’t like to share the road.  It feels like they view bikers as moving targets.  I biked everywhere anyway.  The worst that happened was someone threw a full beer bottle at me.  Luckily they missed.  My favorite was biking home under the full moon.  The land was illuminated in gorgeous blue light.  Sometimes the moon is so bright you can even see colors.

When I first started biking in Taos I got so many flat tires!  Suddenly I had a build up holey of  inner-tubes   They are such a cool, sturdy material I didn’t want to throw them away, so I started thinking about what I could do with them.  That is how I began making bike inner-tube wallets and bags.  Some of the wallets are 99% recycled because I use fabric from used clothes on the inside.  Only the thread is new.



blue brocade



Medium 2 pocket wallets









Medium 3 pocket wallet




Small 2 pocket wallet





Business card holders



checkbook cover

checkbook cover








money bag

gold moneybag







japanese floral moneybag